This game has been made for JS48, currently you are only able to build turrets. Also no audio has been included.

Work time = 15hour+/-

The entire source has been made from scratch using Photoshop, Flash and Unity with Visual Studio.

StatusOn hold
Made withUnity


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Nice start, visually it looks great. Will you add the other weapons later?

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At the end I was trying to add more ground units like tanks and such. And also add the Noxious gas/acid vials aswell as add the rocket barrage. But this project will likely be a side project when ever I have the time to patch it up as I'm busy on a bigger racing game. Also I need to fix the HTML5 port as the gravity seems to be twice as heavy as normal (in Editor/EXE release).

Also was planning on adding technology scaling from smashing rocks to metal to 3d printing.

Yes, someday.

Hi all. Can you please fill out this form for me to get back to you about prizes!